Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Year That Was (Part 2)

Whilst compiling the second part of my Annual review, I took some time to read the comments left on each post. I found this a really enjoyable process and an interesting record of my bloggy friends and visitors. Thanks so much to all of you that have stayed with me on my little journey through my life - it really means so much xx


I wrote one of my most favourite posts featuring
8 things about me and shared some of Smartie Monkey's adventures. I attended an interesting seminar on the effects of poverty and learned how to make an effective filing system in a manila folder! I thought about the challenges of being a working Mum and relised that cake and crochet solve most things! I started the process of turning ugly into useful and had a ball at an Op Shop Formal!


I debated the merits of
social networking and started a new ripple. I inherited a MASSIVE mushroom and shared the pattern for a crochet chevron scarf. I took in the view and delighted in my parent's first quilt which one a prize at their quilt show. I stitched embroidery samples and volunteered at the Stitches and Craft Show craft bar. I had a lovely Mother's Day and I finished my first ripple blanket .

My big girl got a
big bed and I rescued some treasures from my kindergarten. I receievd my pin cushion swap and a lovely toadstool prize. Easter was celebrated with my traditional chocolate easter egg cake.


I was very excited to
review my first book for Penguin and make a Square Bear to give away, whilst The teen's cooking efforts caused a small fire! I heard Mem Fox extoll the virtues of reading aloud to children and I enjoyed teaching an art class. I began dreaming of what to create with thrifted linens and enjoyed a rainy weekend at the beach. Passing my course, amongst other things made me happy. I am now officially a Trainer and Assessor!


A little article I wrote was published in Mixtape Magazine, which was utterly thrilling! My Ballerina turned 12 and I broke a tooth eating popcorn of all things! Everyone loved seeing my bread box and Valentine's Day was the perfect time to reflect on love. I traded my unwanted gold for an owl necklace and ate scone toast (apparently I am an evil enabler!) I revealed the contents of my bag and made a toadstool potholder for Kate.


The year started with a lucky new brooch (which did indedd bring me luck later in the year) I wrote some goals for the year which I put into a goals journal I decided to concentrate more on designing than selling and I got hooked on crochet cushions. I shopped the old fashioned way and we celebrated 17 Years of Marriage. I got a new job as a kindergarten teacher, took the ballerina to the zoo in her new T-Shirt printed by Kate and enjoyed a Mexican feast.

Thankyou 2010 for all that you were, all the challenges and delights that you provided, and mostly for being over!


  1. Wow, you had a big 2010!! It must have been fun looking back over the year at all you did, goals you set, people you connected with, photo's and ideas. Thanks for sharing, I hope 2011 is a bumper year too, full of new things and happy days xo

  2. It's been an utterly pleasure to travel along beside you this year. I always love popping over to see what's going on.
    I've also loved getting to know you more and meeting you!!
    Thank you again for my Kev xo


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