Monday, June 7, 2010

Eight Things

This morning I went on an 1 1/4 hour bushwalk. I heard birds and frogs. I saw a kangaroo, blue wren and lots of interesting fungi. I felt so at peace, so in control of myself, and I took the time to reflect as I walked. Now I feel ready to post my answers to the 8 Questions posted by Kate.

1. Favourite meal to eat? I am involved in a passionate love affair with food, none of this eating to survive business for me. I could happily be a vegetarian as I adore vegetables, especially when cooked to bring out their depth of flavour, such as caramelised onions, and roasted balsmaic vegetables. I am a sauce-a-holic. As a child my family always asked me if I would like some meat with my sauce. I love mustards, and vinegars and relishes and tomatoey sauces. I am not a fan of the tomato in it's raw state. Actually not much of a fan of anything raw! I love to bake and eat sweet things. The affair is not good for my health however so I have to say my favourite meals have to come out of a Weight Watchers Cook book.

this lemon raspberry loaf , fresh out of the oven tonight featured in the Sunday newspaper, not a WW cook book

2. Do you have a quirky eccentricity? I am a bit phone phobic. I dread a ringing phone and having to make phone calls to book appointments or order take-away. I have got WAY better over the years (my job has necessitated this). I also panic if I don't know exactly where I am going and where I am going to park the car when I get there. I am sure there are more...

3. My middle name is Claire. I remember something about it coming from Clarence, my Grandpa Rupert's middle name. It is Claire with the lot, as it has the i and the e! My oldest daughter shares my middle name, whilst my youngest has Ruby.

4. I am passionate about children's play. I believe that in our busy lives children are often being rushed and hurried. I believe that all children need time to play, uninterrupted time to pursure their ideas. I am not the sort of teacher that is always in children's faces saying "What are you doing?, What are you building?, What's that you are making?" I love it when a kid in the sand pit is asked what are you cooking and the kid says sand!

The top image features 8 items for imaginative play

I am also passionate about reducing the amount of plastic in my life. I am also attracted to things that have had a previous life now more than ever, accept for maybe underwear.

5. Thongs or Birkenstocks? Thongs, although I did once have a fake pair of birkenstocks that hurt my feet.

Honduran leather thongs, circa 2009

6. Who was I before I had kids? Skinny and not all that interesting! A young teacher wishing that I could be with my own kids rather than other peoples. Now I say careful what you wish for! Seriously though, as a grown-up with kids I think life is better for me. I also now know that I had never experienced the big O until I had children!

7. Have I ever been arrested? No, but I did once nearly get thrown into a Mexican prison. It turns out it was just a prank, but very scary at 19 years of age.

19 year old student teacher, San Diego, USA

8. This weekend I have caught up with a friend I have not seen for 15 years. We met as young teens on family holidays at a caravan park. We wrote to each other for many years sharing all our teenage angst mostly through tragic poems. We lost touch when she moved to the UK, but have just reconnected through the magic of Facebook.I also took my daughter to a dance masterclass at the Victorian College of the Arts and revisted the delights of Macbeth whilst helping my other daughter to study for her Year 10 exams. I played around with crochet flowers and enjoyed an Indian feast.

Play along if you like, it is strangely therapuetic to say them out loud, or at least type them!


  1. Oh Laurel this is the most wonderful post, I see enjoyed hearing more about you and getting to know you a bit more as such.
    I love all your answers, but I think it is a wonderful thing you are passionate about. I feel play is soo important ( for adults too) and well just childhood and being a child. Sometime I get a little sad about how quickly kids are pressured to/in a rush to grow up these days.
    My dad's a sauce a holic too, and ditto with jam, I often say to him do you want some bread with your jam?
    thanks for sharing yourself a bit more xo

  2. Oh thank you Laurel for sharing some things about you! so very good to get a glimpse of people, quirks and all.
    I agree with Jess also about being passionate with childrens play, what a wonderful thing. I look at my nearly 4.5 & nearly 3 yr old & wish that the way they use their imaginations & play with things & textures would just keep going.
    love it, love that kids cook sand, mine always make some recipe up like lemon & chocolate cake..hmmm.

    p.s was the cake nice, i saw it in the paper

  3. Skinny! Love it! I'm sure most Mums feel that way don't they.
    Thanks for sharing Laurel. It's always nice to know a little more isn't it.

  4. great post laurel. i live to eat so i hear you loud and clear minus the sauce thing. i like my own home made sauce but not on everything. that cake looks great. will have to scour the papers to look for the recipe. walking is like that isn't it. helps you to sift through your thoughts. couldn't agree more about play. you must be a great teacher

  5. O for orgasm?
    Thanks so much for playing Laurel, I enjoyed reading your answers and learning more about you so much. I share the phone and directions in the car things with you too. I did drive to seymour the other day with a gps and I loved that little man in the box telling me where to go the whole way. It was so much more relaxing. XX

  6. This was such an interesting post!! I really, really loved reading about you Laurel, you sound like someone I would love to be friends with. I enjoyed reading your observations about children & about your life as a teacher. Thanks for giving such alot of yourself in this post..and yay for the big O!! xo

  7. Thanks for sharing - I also found answering Kate's 8 very theraputic!

    I love how you describe your love of vegetables - I find that I'm a social vegetarian (in that I will always unconsciously choose the vegetarian dish on a menu when eating out).

  8. Truly fabulous to get to know you more Laurel. Great responses. I agree so much with you about the negative impact of such a busy lifestyle. I'm making such an effort these days just to slow every thing down. You're an inspiration.

  9. I like these 8 things! Its cool getting to know the people behind the blog! I know I've already told you, but I really like reading your blog


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