About Me

Hello! My name is Laurel and I like to blog, and to make things.
My blog is a place to document the things I make and do, and to write about the things that happen, in my life.
Blogging is something that I have been doing  since  September 2008, and something that I do enjoy doing. I have been making stuff since my childhood. I grew up in a home where craft was the norm and housework was almost unheard of! I had an amazing childhood, full of journeys and exploration and play and creativity.

I am a Kindergarten teacher, a wife to Mr M, for 20 years, a daughter, sister amd friend. I am a mummma to two beautiful girls, and I am still learning about motherhood as I go.

I love to crochet, to knit and sew. I like journalling and writing and taking photos and cutting and pasting. I  love food and cooking and being at home, and I love nothing more than flowers from my garden in recycled jars, and thrifted sheets on the bed.

I do often wonder if a blog that is just about a life can be meaningful and interesting? Who really cares anyway about my life, or my craft or my struggles or joys? Insert self talk about blogging for self and creating a pictorial story of my journey, blah, blah. To be perfectly honest, I do it for those reasons (and I love it) but I do love the thrill of a new follower, some comments about what I have said or a re-pin. I am open to taking my blog further if the oportunities arrive.

My blog Values:
 SHARING is what drives this blog and connects it to what I value and hold as important.

Sharing is why I started my blog. To share the blogging experience with others, to share pictures of what I had made, to share snippets from my life. I believe in the community of blogging, the sharing of average and beautiful and extraordinary with others, the sharing of the idea that you are not alone.

I intend to share good words from across blogland, to use my small space to link to others, to invite further reading and discussion and thinking. I plan to share tutorials and swaps and link-ups that I enjoy. I will share stories from my life, that may allow personal refelection and connection with others. I will share the things that I create.

I really hope that you enjoy your visit, and please know what a thrill it is to read a comment, and start up a conversation. I would love to  come and visit you in return.


  1. Oh, that is lovely! You've done such a great job SHARING about who you are, what you love and why you blog! I know I've said it before, but I love the focus you have for your blog on the concept of sharing. And you have articulated it so beautifully here.

  2. hi Laurel, what a gorgeous page, I really enjoyed it so keep up the good work, you are very talented with an eye for detail.
    I love it.
    I just don't know how you get the time, but its fantastic.
    I will be back :-)

  3. hi laurel it's lee here still crocheting but bridal shower taking over, will let you know how it goes xo


Thankyou for coming to visit and sharing your thoughts with me. You keep me blogging!


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