Saturday, September 29, 2012


My Beautiful ballerina entered a dance competition yesterday. A classical solo on pointe. She is 14, but had to enter in the under 16 age group due to the rules of the comp. The field was tough, but she danced beautifully, with confidence. I know I am biased but I think that she lit up the stage.
The adjudicator announced at the end of the section that she was only awarding two honourable mentions and first place. In her opinion there was only one standout performance and she did not feel that any of the other performers were ready to progress from the novice to open class, which is what happens when you score a win or place.
Imagine my sheer amazement and delight when she announced Competitor #7 was the winner!
 It was my Ballerina!

And I could not resist sharing the pic I took of the window display of a hair salon in the regional town that hosted the Comp!

Not so lucky for the Hawks today :(


  1. Well done Ballerina! We bloggers have been tracking your dancing for a while now - fantastic!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations Ballerina. YAY!!!

  3. Just brilliant! Some of my girls have danced in competitions so I can feel your joy and pride at having her name announced. Well done Miss Ballerina and Miss Muggins! x


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