Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How Long Is Too Long? (The Saga Of The Stools)

The story begins  last year in May, when we moved into the small house, and I finally decided the style of stools I wanted for my kitchen. I chose reproduction Tolix stools, in cheery yellow with a timber seat, and then set about doing my research. In June, I placed my order online with Home Q and paid the full amount for 4 stools and delivery. When I placed the order I received an email confirmation which  stated that the stools would be custom made in 6-10 weeks. I was a bit disappointed that I would have to wait so long, but excited at the same time.
 I waited patiently, for 6 weeks, then 7, then 10, and then I got in touch with the company. Apparently the stools were still in production. More time passed and as I had heard nothing I continued to ring and email and ask what had happened to my stools. There were plenty of stories including the one about how they had been on the shipping order but had not been included in the shipment. Then there was the one about how they had been damaged in manufacture. They promised me a quick turn around in 8 weeks and I think I may have snorted on the phone!  I was offered a full refund along with the stories, but mostly the promise that I could have what I had ordered. There was mention of delivery dates but nothing eventuated. I was hopeful and willing to wait. Time passed, and with it went Mr M's 50th party, Cup Day, Christmas and Australia Day. The phone calls and the stories continued.   I negotiated a refund of the shipping charges, for when they eventually arrived, and continued to be patient. Mr M was over it by this stage, and eventually in March a 'big wig' at the company came on the phone, when I once again inquired about the progress of my order.
It was at this point, (after apologies for poor service) that he told me that the order could not be fulfilled. There had been several attempts but as the consignment was so small the manufacturer did not put priority on it. Not sure why it took so long for someone to tell me that. I started to accept that I could not have what I wanted at this point, a mere 9 months later. He offered me a full refund, or a set of white or black stools for immediate shipment. After a few days I decided to go with the white. 
It still took a few more weeks and a few more emails to chase up the shipping refund, but I finally have stools in my kitchen. I do like them.

Oh, and I also now have a lovely set of four Eames DSW chairs as well, as some form of  compensation.
 Sorry about the long story, and the length of time taken to post, but  it has taken a while to ponder and write about what happened. 

How long have you been prepared to wait for something? 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Giant Doily Rug

Don't you just love a finished project? 

I started this rug as found on Pinterest a while ago, but quickly ran out of yarn. I haven't had a recent trip to the "big shops" to pick up any more. Living that bit further out means I don't go shopping that often these days, which is both good and bad!
My original plan was to use only grey for the whole rug, until I spotted the turquoise yarn at Riot on Friday. I really liked the way that they looked together, and decided to take a chance.
Imagine my delight to discover that the yarn had been reduced to  $1.29 a ball, from the original price of $3.99. With 10 balls already used, it was turning out to be a costly (but lovely) project.
 I left it over night to ponder the turquoise edging. I looked at it in the morning and asked the family for their input, and decided that the turquoise was a winner. I ended up using 17 balls in total, 14 grey and 3 blue to make it to the size I wanted.

I am so pleased with how it looks in the entrance, and it makes me smile whenever I walk past.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The First Week Collection

Well that's week one of the holidays over. There has been crochet and cake and chocolate and tea. Wedding present and outfit organising and report writing. A bit of lovely Downton Abbey and some mending ticked off my list. And plenty of beautiful rain. 

1. stripey tea canister and mini jug from Kikki-K makes tea even better
2. giant doily rug is perfect in my entrance
3. finally finished this cushionstarted a year back
4. enjoying the last of the Easter gifts from my kindergarten students
5. icing a still warm cake is never pretty, but it sure tastes good
6. my dad's beautiful quilting (handing it over to the lucky owner tomorrow)
7. a happy face at the bottom of my chia seed breakfast pudding. That stuff really does fill you up!

Weekly Collections @ The Beetle Shack

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Spotty Collection

  1. is there anything nicer than a clean house and fresh linen?
  2. pretty hisbiscus improve the outlook from the clothesline
  3. hot cross bun spotty with choc chips
  4. cookie in a mug, dotted with white choc chips
  5. planning  everything that we want to fit in over the next two weeks    (yay for holidays!) cute spotty planner from Mum on The Run
  6. the aftermath of trying to catch a friend falling off a broken chair
weekly stills collections @ The Beetle Shack

Sunday, April 6, 2014

One Minute White Choc Chip Cookie In A Mug

The microwave craze for quick comfort food continues with the cookie in a mug.  I  decided to give it a try and see what all the fuss is about, knowing very well that I would love it.  It was quick to do, especially late at night when craving a chocolate hit and as I had everything on hand I imagine this to be a very big trap and must immediately put it out of my mind. If you are keen to give it a go, here is my take on the recipe.
 melt 1 tbs of butter in your mug in the microwave for 30 seconds
add 2 tbs brown sugar and mix well
whisk in one egg yolk and 1 tsp vanilla

  add 3 tbs of plain flour and mix well, then stir through 1 1/2 tbs of choc chips 

 smooth the surface ( attempt to scrape down the sides) and then cook for approx one minute

Enjoy a little more than you should!

Have you tried one yet, or have you resisted the urge?

Monday, March 31, 2014

A Lively Collection

  1. Cherry Ripe tea (thank you, The Tea Centre for my new interstate addiction)
  2. Birthday macarons for special friends and Indian for dinner
  3. Social Cricket match
  4. Mouse-proofing the chocolate
  5. Happy at home
  6. Glad to  see the tail end of Term 1
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Queensland Collection

 we took a quick trip to Brisbane for a surprise 50th birthday party for our beloved cousin Steven
  1. Belgian waffles
  2. a surprise mustang ride for the birthday boy 
  3. a rare family photo (wearing my new Bohemain Traders top)
  4. double trouble
  5. love the juxtaposition of old and new
belated weekly stills @ The beetle Shack


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