Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Granny Stripe Baby Blanket

All finished (including actually sewing in the ends) and ready for a baby Shower next month, which has to be some kind of record for me! Hopefully it will be suitable for a boy or a girl.

Inspired by this tutorial and the wool  in my stash.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A No Work for Me Collection


  1. school holiday breakfast
  2. a baby blanket on the hook, and Game of Thrones on the TV
  3. crochet mitts....and not enough yarn
  4. 2nd installment of the Yarn Club
  5. not sure if I love it yet
  6. a bit of sewing, but mostly mending (thanks to the teacher that made the Ballerina unpick the hem of her school skirt to make it longer)
  7. Mr M returns from Brazil with gifts and the flu
  8. French style chicken
  9. lots of tea and cookies and my gorgeous new mug
  10. when a photo becomes art (actually just playing with the settings on the camera)
  11. the house is clean and there are flowers on the table
I love the School Holidays xx

Photo collections @ The beetle shack

With Love From Brazil

Mr M is back from his trip-of-a-lifetime to Brazil. He returned with some lovely gifts and a terrible flu that he can keep all to himself. 

Brazil is well known for gemstones, wooden items, pottery, soaps and of course Havaianas!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Exploring My Local Community

The Church bell it seems, tolls at seemingly random times
 I never tire of toadstools on my walks.
Or the sky for that matter. 
I love being mindful when I walk, taking time to actually see what is around me, and focus on how I am feeling. It is a powerful thing to do.

Whilst the local op shop and "used to be new" shop are a continued source of delight and wonder, sometimes you need to just keep on walking.

Monday, June 30, 2014

A Fresh Collection

Breakfast at a fancy new cafe with excellent company
Flowers (from my garden) for my Mum recovering from knee surgery ( I may have forgotten to pick up the flowers I ordered from the florist)
Beautiful colours in the garden, and the promise of Spring
New boots for work - now my feet are warm and dry
Bright 'new to me' place mats certainly cheer up the dinner table
Finished knitting these fingerless mitts, so now onto the lovely red crochet ones from my Winter Yarn Club (better be quick before the next package arrives)

A pom pom flower I made for The Colour SwapI really think I need one too.

 Loving a long drive way when the door-knockers are about
More night walking, this time along the road leading in to town. It's definitely a bit better lit.

weekly stills @ The Beetle Shack

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Warm Pink Hug

 Thank you so much to the lovely Miriam from Create Hope Inspire  for not only my gorgeous parcel, but also for organising the A Little Bit Of Wonderful Colour Swap. I feel well and truly spoiled.
I am just putting the finishing touches on the goodies for my swap recipient. It is a bit funny that there are a few  similarities in what I have collected and what I have received! Now I just need to clear off my desk so that I can access the sewing machine to get started on a little project that has been floating about in my mind all week. 
I'm looking forward to having a good look through this magazine tonight, with a cuppa and a chocolate......if there are any left!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Moody Collection

Nutella choc chip cookies.  They are fudgey and chocolately and the perfect antidote to moody Winter evenings.
New additions to my vintage printed glass collection, courtesy of the local op-shop. Still in the original box and destined to be used. Every day.
This just makes me happy. Plain and simple. Thank you local second-hand shop and community garden (again)
 Sitting and chatting with a friend  at San Churro till way into the night, making your kids wonder what has happened to you.
 Breathtaking colours. The trees at my kindergarten are amazing. So lucky. 

The only thing I don't like about The Small House are my neighbours smelly,    smoky chimneys. My washing is not a fan either.
Here's one I prepared earlier.  That awesome moment when you find a pie in the freezer when it's too late to begin cooking.
Noticing nature's wonders and stopping to take a photo. And almost tumbling down the embankment in the process.
The changing moods of the sky on my walk. I walk at night. My friends think I am mad.
 Weekly Stills @ The Beetle Shack


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