Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Beautiful Birthday


Exactly 2 Weeks before Christmas it was my Birthday, as it always is. December 11th to be exact. Sometimes it gets a bit lost among the hype of the silly season, but that seems to matter less with the more Birthdays that I have. 
source                  LOL!
This year I had lovely gifts (none wrapped in Chrissy paper)and a delicious dinner cooked by Mr M, including dessert. I had hugs and cards from my kinder kids and cupcakes to share, and lots of birthday messages from far and wide.
And did I mention that I am getting a new sewing machine? (*squeals)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Sweet Collection



WOW, where have the weeks gone? 
There has been so much going on, at home and out, at work, with Mr M. and with my beautiful daughters. 

  1. Filled with egg-nog custard. How can one resist?
  2. Birthday cupcakes ready to take to kinder to share with my class tomorrow
  3. My special "helpers" on loan from kinder
  4. Cookies (2 ways) to serve during 'Grandparent's week'
  5. Churros and special drinks with fruity garnishes
  6. Love Date night (Mockingjay @ the cinema)
  7. Waiting with a chai latte to pick the Ballerina up from  Katy Perry
  8. Concert spoils
  9. Early Birthday cake from IKEA
  10. Ice-cream play dough- too irresistible for my kinder kids not to eat!
  11. The sweetest billy buttons (now I want some)
  12. Taking the kinder children to the local op-shop
  13. Breakfast at my favourite cafe, and going back for my birthday 
  14. first spray tan!
  15. Under the sea costume, imagined by her, made by me!
  16. Graduation 
  17. Ballet concert 
  18. One Proud mumma (and BUG!)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Historical Collection

It was the loveliest weekend just gone. One of old fashioned markets, a crafty fundraiser and a back-to celebration for Mr M's family.

Friday evening involved a fundraiser for my work's relay for life team. I organised a crafty make and take table and had a lovely evening chatting and making with lots of lovely ladies and a few of their daughters. So many were (pleasantly) surprised that the old laborious way of making pom poms on cardboard was indeed a thing of the past.

On Saturday we visited  an old fashioned bazaar at a local town, which has been running for 130 years, and I suspect not too much has changed in this time. 
The vegetables were freshly picked early that  morning, and were crazy cheap.
The tea (which was extremely strong and hot) came from a real teapot and the scones were served on paper doiley-lined plates. The craft was of questionable taste, but lovingly made.

Sunday was all about 'Back-to -Yarra Junction'. We had lunch at a Pub that's menu heavily featured the parma in all it's international guises  (mashed potato and gravy topped schnitzel anyone?) We wandered through the local museum whilst chatting to various long-lost relatives. We had old photos scanned and I enjoyed browsing through albums of old school photos and momentoes. The Ballerina came with us (not because she wanted to) and I was pleased that she got to share in the remembering of some  of her Grandparent's History.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Rosy Collection


Relaxing in the backyard on Cup Day 
Sky shots; night and day
Slowly ridding the garden of weeds
DVD watching treats
Risotto cakes
Dance photo day
Princess Abby meets Dora (I wonder if she knows her Mum is inside the costume!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Up In The Air

A big jump for little people (transition to school is well underway)
Raspberry Chia muffins
Honey beef pilaf
Never ending weeds
Afternoon Tea treats
Super Nigel
The fight must continue
Another day ends, another walk done.


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