Friday, February 19, 2010


Yesterday, the Ballerina had her 12th Birthday.

It seems like such a short time ago that she was the sweet, placid baby, the cheeky toddler and the quiet, thoughtful pre-schooler. We have seen her grow in confidence through her dancing, from her first shy attempts at 3 to the confident ballerina she is today.
She is kind and loving. She is helpful and considerate. She is a very special girl.


  1. She is beautiful...Happy Birthday!!!

  2. How gorgeous is she! Happy birthday to a very special girl.I hope she had a lovely day for her birthday :) Barb.

  3. Happy Birthday C!!
    It has been a pleasure to see you grow from that cute little baby to the 3 year old that beat up my 3 y old to this lovely 12 year old young Lady!

    The Charlton Mob

  4. Happy birthday to a beautiful young lady.

  5. Oh what a lovely little girl she is. Time goes way to quickly doesn't it, it always seems like just yesterday they were tiny little babies when they have a birthday & you just wonder wherever did those years go!

  6. Happy birthday to her! Wow even though Caleb is only 5 I swear I smell 12 around the corner already

  7. What a cutie! Love the baby photos. You should be so proud of raising a very beautiful and confident young lady. Doesn't time fly? :)

  8. Happy Birthday sweet ballerina! 12 is so grown up... What a lovely birthday post Laurel.


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