Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In the wars...

Yesterday I broke a tooth, one of my big back molars, whilst eating popcorn

Today the doctor confirmed I have tonsillitus (low grade)


What will happen tomorrow?


  1. Damn you popcorn. Damn you!

    *shakes fist at delicious salty snack*

  2. Tomorrow you will buy the winning lotto ticket of course !

  3. c%*p. broken teeth are such a pain ... it happened tome a few years ago and in a couple of days managed to shred the inside of my mouth until I got it fixed.

    as for tomorrow ... it's another day and fingers crossed a better one.

  4. Oh your poor poppet! I hope today something fantastic happens. :)

  5. Miss M,

    Hmmmm I'd say that a bit of live culture yogart needs to replace your meals of popcorn. That way tomorrow won't be bringing a yeast infection,thanks to the antibiotics for the tonsillitus. And no you can't substitute ice cream ;)

    Rest a bit and take care of yourself please :)

    Auntie Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  6. Oh sorry to hear that! Think happy thoughts & tomorrow will be better...

  7. Poor you. Not my favourite thing to do. Dentists are so clever these days I'm sure you will be able to get it fixed.
    How is it that we choose to go through childbirth but a visit to the dentist fills us with dread?

  8. A dental appointment and a packet of strepsils maybe? LOL

    I would recommend locking all the doors and climbing in a cosy spot and crafting!

  9. (((hugs))) Hope tomorrow is not another downer...

  10. 真正仁慈的人,會忘記他們做過的善行,他們全心投入現在的工作,過去的事已被遺忘。 ..................................................

  11. Oh honey, feel better soon. X


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