Saturday, February 20, 2010

Birthday Fun

Sparklers, sister and friends, white chocolate mud cake, wood fired pizzas and lollies. That's what birthday's are made of.
P.S Thanks for all your lovely comments on my In The Wars Post, I felt very loved indeed! I ended up putting my hip out too, but that rounded out the three things, and now I am coming good. The tooth is fixed and all but new again, the strong drugs have wiped out the tonsil troubles and the hip...well time will tell! Maybe it's just old age!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    And Miss Muggins, I am so glad your in the wars streak is over, but I do hope you hip heals soon. I have felt a bit the same way lately, on a smaller scale, bumping into everything, get bruises all over me and falling over the baby gate. :)

  2. Love a good party, too few people bother with them & i never understand why - they make everyone so happy & feel special. Love Posie


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