Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A few things that made me happy today, in random order

Notification that I passed my course. I am now officially a Trainer and Assessor!
Gorgeous artwork on my wall (consisting of a $2 frame and a page from an old book)

a green stone and silver pendant from a trash and treasure market on the weekend, that I am loving to wear

a leafy ring (not real silver) being worn (out)

a cute mug (from same market) and pumpkin scones
2 1/2 hours of weeding the front garden
reflecting on a great long weekend with family - photos to come.


  1. Well I think you have a right to be happy about that little assembly! :)

  2. Well done for passing your course,love all your goodies.
    I must make some lemonade scones up this Friday for my sister and I when we sit and sew.Thanks for reminding me :) Barb.

  3. i love love love that artwork! i can't believe its just a page from a book. well done!
    and big congrats with passing your course! (ooh, i am full of exclamations today! maybe your happiness is wearing off!)

  4. 舊書不厭百回讀,熟讀深思子自知。........................................

  5. How could you not be happy - the print is gorgeous

  6. What a fabulous list. Love everything.

  7. Congratulations on your new qualification. Wonderful.

  8. Life sounds pretty wonderful over your way Laurel. It's obvious why you are so happy.


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