Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Creative Space and the Wonderful Mem Fox

no progress on the cushion front (but plenty of dreaming), slow progress on the motifs

plenty of movement at creativity HQ kootoyoo!

I attended a talk last night by iconic children's author Mem Fox. She talked about how crucial it is to read aloud to children. She read her own books to us (Hattie And The Fox, Tough Boris, Where Is The Green Sheep?, The Goblin and The Empty Chair, and a new one to be released tomorrow titled A Giraffe in The Bath) She made us laugh out loud, and sigh. She was opinionated and inspirational. I wish every parent could hear her speak. I wish every teacher and every politician could too.
She told us it not about us when we read to children. It is about the children.
She made hilarious voices and faces, she sang and we were all besotted. She told us we should read 1000 books to children in their first 5 years. That is something like 3 books a day for 11 months she said, so in 5 years we have plenty of time to do it.
The research shows thay children who are not read to struggle to learn how to read, and do not find it enjoyable. Babies and children who are talked, read and sung to thrive amongst the richness and opportunity of language. Reading is a joyous occassion which promotes bonding and learning.
Read a bit of Mem's views here, and go on read a book or 10 to your kids today, it'll be the best 15 minutes of your day.


  1. I love Mem Fox. She's always been a firm favourite in our house.

  2. Mem is so fabulous, all her books are winners, love Posie

  3. I totally agree. It seemed to work for both our children, aged 6 and 3 who have wonderful imaginations and are witty with their use of language. They regularly floor me with words I would not expect them to use which they have picked up from a book. What an inspirational talk. Lucky you!

  4. I totally agree- and love her books. I could actually recite Where is the Green sheep right now if you like?

    I think I am on track for my 1000 for sure. Busy gets read to every night and at other times during the day and she loves books- she sits in her teepee and reads them to herself.... good on you for going to the talk- Mim would have been great!

  5. I am a Mem Fox fan, I met her 2 years ago and she signed my book 'Where is the green sheep?' I use her books all the time in my work, she is very inspirational.

  6. We are huge Mem fan's here too. Your squares are such lovely soft colours.

  7. We have lots of Mem's books, some signed, and all firm favourites...I can be heard singing the words of the Magic Hat, quite often around our house...Oh, the magic hat, the magic

  8. that would have been a lovely evening lucky you! mem's books are popular in our house especially Possum Magic

  9. I was just chatting with the Mr last night about how we haven't been reading enough to our 8 month old as he just sort of gets included in the older kids stories. This is a great reminder for me to start reading to him one-on-one.

    Love those still life paintings from you earlier post!

  10. We read loads and loads of books here... and sing a hell of a lot too! (Our poor neighbours!!!)
    We read at a minimum five books a day to our bubs... but often the same book is read over and over again over the course of a week, or sometimes if it is a real favourite, a month. Did Mem Fox say anything about variety?
    Mr. 3 has recently started "reading" books to us - which is a real thrill. He has such a wonderfully vivid imagination.

  11. Miss M,

    I use to tell my new parents in childbirth class that they needed to start reading to their baby before the wee one was born and to continue to read to them every day. In the beginning it's not even important what you read, but that you read to them. When mine where still hangin out waiting for their Big day and then in the first early months I use to read my text books, homework, or novel I was reading to them ;)

    Auntie Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  12. Mem Fox's books are captivating and their illustrations enchanting. We read to our three from about 4 months, as soon as they were able to sit up on our knee. One of them became a journalist and all love language and how to use it. Can't imagine a house without books.

  13. . She's always been a firm favourite in our house.
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  14. Mem Fox is great - I love "Boo to a Goose".

    PS - your cushion is looking lovely -- great yarn

  15. Smitten with your cushion and already smitten with the marvellous Mem. I always knew she would be opinionated!!!

  16. wow, we love Mem Fox in our family too!
    what a great experience.


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