Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Late night dalliance

Oh my dear ripple blanket, it is true. Whilst you have been patiently waiting for me, night after night to return your affections, I have been playing around with something new. An innocent little motif with some yarn destined to be something else, but so anxious for my attention. The sweet, soothing pastel voice has been quietly calling, late at night when I really should be sleeping. I hope you will forgive me, my dearest ripple, I am sure this affair will be short lived.

Michelle has been involved in a late night crochet affair of her own, see the results here


  1. Those soft colours are really lovely...that looks like very clever work, I'll look forward to seeing what it may become...

  2. they are so beautiful!

    I still haven't incorporated your crocheted motifs into my work yet, because I am scared I will spoil them!


  3. Oh wow, great work. You are one clever thing!

  4. i envy you amazing crochet chicky babes..such skill.


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