Monday, March 22, 2010

My Place and Yours

I have just discovered that there is a new home for My Place and Yours, over at helloowl. The last theme was pink. Here are some very light pink roses picked from my garden and gracing my dining room, in bottles that had contained a pinkish blood orange drink.
The theme for this week is My Top Drawer and as I am in the process of cleaning, sorting and culling (pretty much the whole house) I thought I would refrain from sharing the horror!
I am making good progress on my goal of reducing things, and we are working towards a garage sale/op shop drop in a few weeks. It truly puzzles me that we have so much stuff. We are going to be selling/getting rid of most of the girls barbies, bratz, baby dolls and toys. I am encouraging them though to keep a few special things, as I know they will appreciate them in years to come.
We have FINALLY bought a new bed for the teen, after her room makeover last year, and am preparing to paint the ballerina's room in the holidays.

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  1. Your roses are gorgeous, I do love roses! I'm not sharing my top drawer either, not unless I cleaned it up & that would be cheating...


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