Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goal Reflections

At the start of the Year I set some goals for the year, with specific objectives for the month to be recorded in a journal.

2010 GOALS , January objectives
1. Honor My Family spend time together, talking
2. Develop One Healthier Lifestyle Habit walk most days
3. Nurture My Home organise cupboards
4. Reduce Something let go of one commitment
5. Focus On One Area For Increased Independence use more whole foods

It is almost time to set new objectives , so Iwanted to reflect upon this month and what I have achieved. I have been cleaning out and sorting cupboards all throughout the house. I got onto my sewing room early in the piece, and cleaned out the desk, which hadn't been done for at least 5 years. I now have a draw with wrapping paper and cards, and a draw to store inspiration journals and notebooks. I even folded up ALL of my fabric!
The games/family/rumpus room is proving to be my biggest challenge. It is full to the brim with toys, games, books, magazines, scrapbooking supplies, photos and other assorted stuff! Yesterday I tackled the boardgames and sorted a cupboard just for them. We even played a family game of Yahtzee last night, which was a great way to achieve #1.
I haven't walked as much as I would have liked, but I still walked many nights after dinner, often with one or both of the girls. #5 is slowly happening, but a great outcome of discussing our food options has been the teen deciding to cook a meal each week. Last week she cooked a delicious chickpea hotpot.
I am off now to ponder my new objectives, with a coffee and some of Kirsty's delicious banana bread.


  1. I like your idea of monthly acheivable goals you are setting for yourself.I'm thinking I'll start doing this for Febuary and the first on my list will be the cupboards as they are driving me nuts.
    Thanks for all your inspiration :) Barb.

  2. I love your goals list, and well done on your achievements!

  3. Your goals are great ones and the reflection on how they are going is so necessary - as well as an interesting insight into your life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts... and may your rumpus room be under control sooner than you imagined!


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