Monday, May 31, 2010

A conversation on social networking

There has been much talk lately about Facebook and it's place in the World. There have been several conversations circulating on blogging vs facebook. Many bloggers happily use both means of conversation and sharing of information. I have recently opened a facebook account and am thrilled to report that I have reconnected with some people that mean a lot to me. I organised an event via facebook, which was a dinner with some of my cousins, on the weekend. I have seen them from time to time at a funeral, a 70th. Some of them have children I didn't even know about until recently. I have also re-established contact with a very dear friend that was living overseas for many years and has now returned home. We are catching up this weekend.

I am not a fan of the applications and groups that go hand in hand with facebook, but I appreciate it's place in social networking, under very controlled circumstances. I am not out to win the prize for the most amount of friends, that's for sure. I have children (and now a hubby) that use it too. I am wary of it's power.

I love my blog and the social networking that goes with that. I appreciate that people are sharing elements of their lives, in more than cryptic sentences and throw away one liners. I don't want to mix the two, as I feel for me they serve seperate purposes.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject. You may also like to read this awesome post by Claire .


  1. I have had facebook for a couple of years now and have just been increasingly getting annoyed with it and the privacy policies it has. Have you seen Openbook? I wonder if these people know that their personal information is out there for everyone to read?

    I think facebook has a place, but people need to be educated about it. About not supplying phone numbers and addresses or saying they are going away and these are the dates.

    I have just taken all the photos of my baby of facebook and deactivated my account as I don't want facebook selling my personal information.


  2. I agrre that Facebook and blogging serve different puposes. I also like to keep my private and public personas seperate, although I do advertise my blog on my facebook profile so that friends can see what I do if they want to. From what I read recently, not sure where though, you do have to be aware of keywords you use in your facebook comment because apparently these are also drawn into seperate folders for research, etc. I think facebook doesn't have long term potential as it is a fad for the young people and it's use with older, busier folk, who have a life and are not limited to home by physical disabilities, etc, is limited to the initial outbursts of discovery and maybe some long distance sustaining of relationships. Cherrie

  3. Hi...What a wonderful topic. I am a huge blogger and facebooker...I use both for business (and put a tiny bit of personal content in there too...if its really juicy). I have just started listing individual items for sale on Facebook which is working really well...No fees and reaches everyone who is interested in you. I am sure that FB will pick up on it soon. Not a huge Twitter or Myspacer. Going to stick with the Blog and FB for now.

  4. I use both but for very different purposes - I only have my name on Facebook, not where I live or my date of birth. I mainly use it to catch up with family and friends, most of which don't read the blog.
    My blog is basically just for me to record my crafting!

  5. I started blogging before facebook, and for a while I couldn't really get into facebook. I have a deliniation now, and realise they are very different tools of communication. I still much prefer to blog, and enjoy reading blogs over people's profile pages any day! I haven't put a link on my blog to FB, cause I only like to add people that I've met in person, it's good to have rules with FB I think!

  6. Well thanks to my husband's job i am limited with my profile to the world, & you know what, fine by me. Sure i have a profile as a businesswoman, but that shouldn't have anything to do with my husband & our children. So i never name our children, or my husband, i ONLY have a blog for business & steer clear of the Facebook/ Twitter scene, there is only enough time in the day to run a business, keep a husband & do homework with 4 children, i'm not wasting my time with social networking on line, i'd much rather chat to the mums after school in person. As for reunions, i'm still in touch with contacts from school & uni to assist when i want them. I see some of the images my nieces & nephews have up, not them but their friends, on Facebook, seriously, do they have any clue who is looking at them too?? Some of these children pose in uniform & mention which school they go to!! Alarming!! Good luck, love Posie


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