Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Adventures in crochet and busyness

Well folks, I have been busy. No busier than anyone else, just busy for me! I am getting paid an extra day to go into work to get the kindergarten ready for the children starting next week. (fortunately delayed) I am back at school too, and am preparing 3 lesson plans to teach on Friday at the Homeschool Activity Day. This term I am teaching the senior class which will be a new challenge.
Fortunately a spot of knitting at crochet here and there is keeping me sane!
The toadstool is a potholder for Kate's collection, the flower is going to be a brooch.
What's keeping you busy/sane?


  1. Thank you soooooooo much Laurel! I have just posted a picture on my blog too. I LOVE it! Its going straight to the pot holder wall.

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  3. Hello Miss M, i see your comments at lots of blogs i follow & then Kate's post on your sweet mushroom in the post, yet only just thought, der, go visit her blog!! How do you do?? Happy days back at school, my 4 went back yesterday. Fun & games, love Posie

  4. hi miss muggins
    love the crochet flower - do you have a pattern for it??


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