Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Goals

I have decided to write some goals to achieve this year. I have been reading blogs, contemplating what I want to achieve for the year and have been greatly inspired by this article on Tip Nut, which has 11 goals to work on throughout the year. It is worth looking at and pondering. There are some great ideas for each of the goals. I have adapted the list to suit my own needs and thought I would share it. I plan to create a journal with a list of the goals at the front. Each month I will work on one objective for each goal. I have listed my objectives for January.

2010 GOALS
1. Honor My Family spend time together, talking
2. Develop One Healthier Lifestyle Habit walk most days
3. Nurture My Home organise cupboards
4. Reduce Something let go of one commitment
5. Focus On One Area For Increased Independence use more whole foods

January's progress

1. is under control thanks to 7th Heaven (half way through Season 3) transporting teen to work and walking with the ballerina
2. I have walked after dinner every day this month
3. Dining room is done, vegie crispers are done, sewing room is a WIP, floordrobe is another story!
4. more on this in my next post
5. shopped today with a shopping list and week of planned meals and nothing in a packet or box for main meals

The picture is of White Chocolate Plum cake, made using plums from my parents tree, and chocolate left over from Christmas. So that covers at least #4 and #5!


  1. They are all 5 great goals to work towards. I love that they aren't things you tick off in one go but rather continually work on. I am inspired to copy these out and talk about how we can work on them in our family.

  2. This is a great set of goals and I love how they can be adpated to suit.
    your plum cake piccy is making me want to go and eat something yummy...which is not helpful for my goals..... ( licking lips :,) or my hips!
    Happy New Year
    X PJ x

  3. looks like you're well on track with your goals!!

    Now where's the recepy for that yummy looking plum cake??

  4. Well done Laurel, looks like you have a great list going. And well done on the 'nothing in packets' for a week, you'll definitely feel better for it!


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