Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 - The Year That Was (Part 1)

my new small house

I love going back through old posts, reflecting on what I have done, made and thought. Indulge me if you will on the first part of this journey, the year that has just finished. A year of big decisions and new experiences, a year of emotions and growth.

Last year I poached this idea from Cam - I see this year she has a collage of all her creativity to enjoy.


I celebrated my 40th Birthday, and my oldest daughter turned 16.

I created some paper crafts and celebrated Christmas Traditions as well as The Ballerina's Graduation from primary School. I refelected on what makes me happy and enjoyed a Surprise weekend.


The Ballerina and I went to the circus and we put our house on the market. I received an ace book for 27 cents from the US and couldn't wait to knit something!


We hosted a spooktastic party and celebrated Mr M's big achievement. I challenged myself to go to the Craft Hatch and meet Jess (and procure Gordon)and I expressed my pride in the Ballerina's dancing success. I embarked on an abitious crochet project with some phone a-friend support!


I revealed our small house plans and enjoyed two consectutive weekends away with some ace op shop and garage sale finds. I sewed a last minute costume and we bought a new house!


I embarked on a blanket rescue and nursed a very unwell daughter through Glandular fever. I discovered Zombies and dreamed about gorgeous crochet as well as making fairy skirts. I contemplated wisdom and if size really matters! I shared a poem and a photo of a spunk and played around with crochet (yes more!) I introduced a square bear made especially for Jess.


I caught some little vandals in the act and cooked lots of yummies and started a new collection (as if I didn't have enough already!). I had a flashback to the 80's and my Prom and wrote about being a tween and the issue of bullying. I was underwhelmed by a macaroon and made the leap to teaching big people! I got a new boyfriend and celebrated a special birthday with some crochet magic. I took some time to appreciate the simple things in life and had some fun with little felties and chocolates.

Part 2 coming soon.....


  1. Putting back and cleaning out Craft \ Guest Room *




    Buzy Beez

  2. Happy New Year..Amazing all that we accomplish in a year. You have done some incredible things.

  3. Happy New Year & the year i turn 40 my eldest will be 16 too & starting year 12, scarily my 4th child will also start high school, will be a very BIG year for me. Love Posie


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