Monday, October 25, 2010

Challenging oneself

image borrowed from here

On Saturday I undertook a challenge that is some what out of my comfort zone. I desperately wanted to go to the Craft Hatch at the State library, so that I could meet Jess, of Teddy Bears Wewdnesday in person. So I managed to catch a train all by myself to and from the city, in the rain and navigate Melbourne Central Station to locate Swanston Street and the library.
It was amazing to actually meet Jess and see and touch all of her incredible creations.
view from the train, when safely on the way home!

I brought a special little someone home from the line up above which I cannot show right now as he is a gift for someone that is known to read my blog!
I also bought this ace card from Able and Game.
What have you been challenging yourself with? Could it even be buying new togs!


  1. I haven't been doing ANYTHING, let alone challenging myself... well, I did make a quilt but that was more of a "Stop procrastinating!" thing lol.

    I hope Jess sees this - the lengths peeps will go to just to meet her...! ;)

  2. How sweet that you made such a big trip to see Jess!
    I must say that there's nothing worse than buying new togs.... which is why I haven't bought any for about ten years.

  3. OH Laurel, I'm so moved you did something really hard for you, to meet me. Really it's really special, and I mean that. And it means a lot.
    I think you were so brave and it was a total highlight meeting you that day, and please know it was so much appreciated. xoxo


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