Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Creative Space

Since last week's CS, I have been writing a pattern, buying new (opped) fabric and adding to my soup mug collection. I have not been very creative, perhaps due to the fact that I have been working my way through 150 assignments from my TAFE students! My Mum has suggested that I start my cardi over with a smaller hook to get a better finish.....and I am still deciding whether to or not. What would you do?

Creative types hang out over here See you there!
p.s Thanks for you lovely words about my Beautiful Ballerina. She is home sick, and really enjoyed reading all the comments yesterday xxxx


  1. Lol...sounds like me...luv santa.
    Cheers Nic

  2. I always find it hard to start over, even though I know the end result will be better, it just makes the first attempt seem such a waste. Love that fabric..hope you ballerina is better soon.

  3. 150 tafe assignments, WOah!! Good luck with that, and hope you can get your hands on something creative soon. xo

  4. Love Santa!!!
    I hate starting over, but just yesterday, with a mind in turmoil, I restarted a baby blanket 4 times - with different patterns - then I was happy. So things do change ☺

  5. Mmmm... smaller hook? I'm not sure about that, but really you know what end result you're going for. I got the feel that the cardigan is suppose to be loose and casual a large hook would create that a bit better - but if you want it to be "neater" and not as relaxed then certainly go the smaller hook.

    Good luck with the 150 assignments ... remember to look after yourself - especially your eyes - and take lots of breaks.

  6. That's just the kind of Santa I love. He looks very friendly!


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