Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Phone a friend (A Tale of Two Bloggers)

Just recently I was in Spotlight when I spotted some wool that caught my eye. Barely able to contain my excitement I raced over to hold and fondle it. It was the very wool required for the chevron crochet cardigan featured in a Crochet Today magazine that I have been obsessing over for several months. I picked up the wool, I put it back, I pondered. Hmmm, $6.99 a many balls did I need. I put the wool back and walked away. I quickly came back and picked up the wool again. There were not that many balls there really, and it was a 20% off day. And I just love those colours. Hmmm, what to do?
I finally decided that I wanted to make the cardigan really bad.... but how much wool to buy? The shop was closing shortly, the sale was not on tomorrow. Hmmm, perhaps not meant to be :(
Then I suddenly recalled a recent blog post by my friend Jazy in which she talked about enjoying a cuppa, cake and crochet mag or two in the unpredictable Spring weather. The very same magazine that contained the cardi of my dreams was in her pile. Only problem she was 300kms away.... but I then I remembered that I do have her number in my phone. So I rang her there and then asking her to locate her copy and tell me how much wool I would require.
After a little searching and trying to identify the correct issue she found the mag, and flipped through the pages searching for the pattern. "What size are you?" XL I decided, so she revealed:
"Peacock Feather 5 balls, Lake 5 balls, Fern 5 balls" . I did a quickish calculation of the final cost (actually a fellow customer put me out of my misery by revealing the amount with the 20% discount, when she tired of my out loud adding and finger counting!) Hmmmm, that was one expensive cardigan.
So, I then asked Jazy how many balls for the L? "4 of each colour" replies Jazy. Hmmm, I say, I am sure I can squeeze into that size / best reason to lose weight I ever heard of! So 4 balls of each it is!
So once again the blogging community comes to the rescue, hooray to that, I say!


  1. Great story Laurel!
    I look forward to seeing it on you.

  2. lovely Laurel!
    i just love the blog community & their ability to make us smile.
    looking forward to seeing your cardigan.

  3. I just love that!!!
    I too have bought some "full of sheep" wool and really didn't know what to make...
    I will be looking out for this pattern...
    Great story!!!

  4. Thank goodness for "phone a friend" for emergencies ☺
    BTW - the pattern is on my must-do list too, so I can't wait to see your progress

  5. Oh I do know that feeling - just the colour I love and 20% off - irresistable.
    Love it or hate it, aint modern technology wonderful? Brings your faraway friend right next to you.

  6. what luck! gorgeous yarn I look forward to seing the cardi

  7. Aren't I amazing?? LoL!!
    (Finishing dinner and back to my sock knitting!)

  8. Love this story ! Love the colours too !

  9. YAY! What a great story! I think that Crochet Today magazine overstates how much yarn you need for patterns anyway... or I am making things really wrong ;)

    Looking forward to seeing the cardi.

  10. Wondering if smaller hook needed. Treble looks a litte loose. Try doingnext couple of trbls with sml hk. Is it for this year or next? You will have enough woo for cardie, hat, scarf. With EXERCISE your GENES wil be healthy and thank you. Size W or even SW is possible.
    Mrs Doobee


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