Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Small house

I slipped it into a recent post, and it certainly did not go unnoticed.

Later this year we will be moving to a small picturesque town located 80km from Melbourne, surrounded by fertile land, best known for its asparagus industry, potato growing and dairying.

My plan of downsizing and simplifying will be realised, as we move into a smaller home, with a lovely little garden,and no nasty view! I will commence dreaming of new colours and decorating possibilities, when we actaully sell our current home.
image is an artist impression only, and bears little to no ressemblence to the actual house!


  1. What exciting news! Living in the country is so much nicer.

  2. HUGE congratulations Laurel!
    This is such fabulous and exciting news.
    Bring on the smelly wee. (oh my goodness I need to go to bed). X

  3. How super exciting Laurel!
    I think being around cows is a good thing. xo

  4. Yes it is great living in the country and you are still easily accessible to the city when you need to be. Enjoy all your dreaming and planning.

  5. It sounds really exciting, hooray for simplicity & downsizing, perfect!!

  6. sounds absolutely perfect and exciting

  7. oh the jealousy. I would so love to do this too. I'll just have to live it through your blog.......hope you'll be sharing it all with us


  8. How exciting!!! This is wonderful news.


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