Friday, October 1, 2010

A New Book Review

The Needlecraft Book, should really be called the needlecraft bible. It is filled to the brim with techniques necessary for the creation of knitting, embroidery, needlepoint, quilting, crochet, applique and patchwork.The page layouts are visually appealing and there is so much to look at in this giant hard cover book. It is filled with beautiful photographs and appealing colours as well as a few projects to try.

I love how it has been organised into colour coded sections, making it easy to reference the technique that you are looking for. There are loads of stitches to try , diagrams, how-to's and photos to inspire any craft you can dream of.

I love this section on how to fix your knitting mistakes, so Mum you may be out of a job!

I can see myself referring to this book time and time and again. In fact I have already used one of the crochet borders on a recent project.
It is on sale the 25th October in Australian bookstores. Thanks Penguin books for the opportunity to review another quality publication.
Did I ever mention that I love my life????


  1. ooh it does look just fabulous! and all those colour pictures as well. i have an old needlecraft reader's digest tome that i got from a second hand shop but it is not as excitingly presented or as colourful as this!

    i'm curious also, how did you get into book reviewing for penguin? i would love to do something like that on my blog!

  2. YAY - lucky you. And great review too.

  3. Wow I want one of those - I love the little snippets that you have shown.
    You're a very brave lady to take on the burdensome task of having to read, review and use craft books. If it every gets too much you can count on me to help you out!!!!

  4. Oh lucky you! It looks like a fantastic book, I must keep my eye out for that one. Have a great week...


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