Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Graduation

Last night The Ballerina had her Grade 6 Graduation.

It was funny to look back at the photos of each student throughout their Primary school years and see how much they have grown.
She enjoyed dinner with all her friends and teachers and then they had a disco. The parents got to share the last few dances with them, which was a great way to finish the evening.


  1. What a beautiful post!! Your daughter is so lovely and looks so proud and happy. Grade 6 graduations are such a big deal as such a lot has happened since that first day of prep. You must have had a tear or two in your eye while watching the photo's! Glad it was such a fun night, I hope your ballerina had the best time ever xo

  2. Oh boy that a milestone! I bet it was just a little emotional too, your ballerina looks lovely x


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