Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last Day

Today is the last day of Kinder for 2010 - clean up day (and staff lunch) Hooray. But it is always bittersweet at the end of the year. Sad to say goodbye to the children you have just spent a year getting to know, but exciting to see them onto the next stage of their learning journey. And realisation that very soon, you've got to start all over again with a new batch of children!

Spiderman by day, Joseph by night

Yesterday was a dress-up party and last night we had our Kinder Concert. They perfomed a Nativity Play, sang Aussie Jingle Bells and danced to Justin Beiber with gold microphones they made. It was great, though I always get so nervous, and want everything to be perfect! Joseph forgot his line and adopted a rather perculiar walk, and The Kings had a bit of trouble making their way through the crowd, but all in all it really was wonderful!


  1. Bravo for being a brave kinder and having a nativity. Can you believe how such a lovely story is being seen as "offensive" - You sound like a very fun kinder teacher

  2. You WON!!! Pleas email me your address so I can send you your prize :-)


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