Friday, December 17, 2010

Groovy 70's

Grandpa Rupert, Big Ted, Big Bro and me!

Herbie The Lovebug velour windcheaters were all the rage!

Dame Edna Specs, knitted dress with matching crochet capelet!

Jumpers handknitted by Nana

Caribbean Gardens market stall with my Mum! Lots of crochet and pom poms to be had!
Celebrate your own trip down 70's lane with Curly Pops!


  1. I love old pics!! These are great - Love the glasses and the clothes of this era rock!

  2. They're fantastic Laurel!
    What I wouldn't give for those specs, and those checked pants. You were way cool in the 70's!

  3. How awesome!! I was born in 1975 but as the last child, there are like 2 photos of me before i started school in 1980 & the official school photos documented my growth, hair, teeth & all those good things. Love it all, love Posie

  4. loving the shot w grandad... poised on the handrail with big ted...


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