Sunday, August 15, 2010

Musings on 24

Last night Mr M and I we celebrated the fact that 24 years ago on 14th August 1986 we officially "got together". To set the scene it was at Ballroom Dancing, which we did every Thursday night and involved a rather long goodbye kiss. I can still visualise poor Kim standing by holding my bag for me. Eventually she put it down and walked away.
So last night we enjoyed a chinese meal (albeit at home) reminiscent of the meals we had in our early dating days at a Chinese retsaurant that knew us by name.
This photo of my spunky 22 year old boyfriend was taken by me 24 years ago and developed by me in my photography lab at high school.
I would also like a share a poem I wrote in the same era, as an emotional teenager in love, in the spirit of rememberence.


I saw you standing by the light of the lamp.
Your hair golden in the soft amber glow.

Mesmerised I stared,
as if through you.
You looked so beautiful,
yet so unreal.

I took one step toward you,
and longed inside to hold you.
But the lamp flickered,
the light died
and you were gone.

For I had but dreamed you
and imagined you there.
The light that shone so bright
is now as dark as night.
For no longer
stand you there.

Ahhh the memories.
And they said it wouldn't last!


  1. That is just so lovely, ah the sweet memories of the early days together...Congratulations on 24 years together!

  2. OOH this is sooooo gorgeous sweet and romantic, love the way you sort of reenacted it! Big Congrats on 24 years, here's the 24 more! xo

  3. Congrats on 24 years together!
    And HUBBA HUBBA!! T is one handsome young man! (still is actually!)

  4. conratulations 24 years is fabulous! a lovely post. We just had our 19th anniversary, even that long seems amazing to me it's gone so quickly

  5. Great haircuts - NOT!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this trip down memory lane - so very sweet and enchanting ... o to be able to recapture those first feelings, the excitment and a heart racing so fast it feels like it might explode.

    Congratulations on twenty four years past... and many many many many more to come :)

  6. Wow, that is so funny. It was this same week 20 years ago that my husband and I "got together" and I too have developed by me photos of him that I did in my high school dark room. hehe! We too were told it wouldn't last (well, I was only 15 at the time!).


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