Monday, August 9, 2010

Taking Shape

I have been playing around with embellishments for the completed patchwork crochet blanket. I had fun creating my own designs (top two), attempting to make them a similar size. I have some thrifted crochet doileys that I am considering adding as well.

Seeing the blanket laid out certainly highlights it's wonkiness. On reflection, this blanket was made during a difficult time for me and is wrapped up with all my fears, tears and hopes too. It is so warm and comforting and I am so pleased that something positive can emerge form something less than desirable, even if it is a little misshapen!
....and then it's back to the ripple!


  1. Your blanket looks beautiful & I love your motifs, so pretty & they are the perfect touch on the rug, nice work!

  2. the blanket will be perfect to snuggle up under!
    And what wonkiness? didn't you make it to look like that on purpose??

  3. motifs look good! Blanket does too! I am up to the last row (first patch) of my Dottie Angel Blanket. Mine is wonkier than yours!

  4. I think your blanket is lovely Laurel. Any perceived wonkiness just adds to the beautiful handmade aesthetic!
    If it was perfect then I would suspect that it was made by machine.

  5. Your blanket is beautful and the wonkiness just adds to its charm - i Love that you are making the doileys to go on it!

  6. hi Laurel, love the blanket and your motifs are so sweet. have a fantastic week.


  7. Laurel, you blanket is gorgoues, I ADORE IT!! And love the ideas of the doilies on top.
    I think it's even more special somehow that it was made during a difficult time, like soon hopefully that will be all that remains of that difficult time.
    Hoping those times are passed for you xo

  8. i really, really like the dense simplicity and the unmistakable form of the petal in image 1. well done! looks really well on the blanket too.

  9. I absolutely love it..And the motifs are perfect for it too...It's beautiful!

  10. The motifs are so cute! Your blanket will be beautiful!

  11. that's looking great! i love the little motifs - they add something special.

  12. There is nothing nicer that the comfort & warmth of a hand created blanket, you have done an amazing job.
    Hope all is peaceful in your life now.

  13. I loooooooooove your blanket, it is gorgeous, really really, and the motifs on top will look amazing!

  14. Oh there is a look stitched into that blanket. It looks amazing. The motifs look wonderful.
    I hope life is getting a bit easier for your daughter. She is still in my thoughts.


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