Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 Little Christmas Trees.....and 1 Big One

Last night the Ballerina and I made these little paper trees. The pattern is featured in the Family Circle Christmas Issue. Every year I buy Christmas magazines, besotted by all the pretty crafts I see when I flick through the issue in the supermarket or newsagent. Filled with the promise of exciting things to make and do. Every year I look at the magazine when I get it home, but that's about it!
So this year I decided to actually make something. So I pulled out some old books and my scrapbooking and stamping supplies and this is the result! We both had a ball, well into the early hours of the morning! The Ballerina made the green tree and went to town with lots of ribbon and bling!
This one is my favoutite, made from some old books I rescued from my kindergarten at the annual clean-up day!

Next is a paper angel that I have already cut out and is just waiting for some stitching from the trusty old Janome.
Now that we have started to feel all Christmassy my daughter has convinced me to put up the tree. The big one....not the small tinsel one I thought would suffice this year. I was going to give decorating a miss on account of the house being on the market. But I guess it is a good chance to get out all my Christmas stuff and do a massive cull!

So I'll put on some Christmas CD's and get to it!
A litle bit of Choc mint slice and a coffee may just assist too!

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  1. I love my tiny trees!
    (needed to put a comment so as not to have zero) Sad or what?????


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