Thursday, September 2, 2010

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Late last night, while I should have been sleeping, I was making a white apron for the Ballerina to wear to school, today for an Alice in Wonderland Costume. Whilst I had known about the dress-up parade for some time, the Ballerina only decided on the way home from school yesterday that she actually wanted to dress-up. So after some brainstorming and to-ing and fro-ing, we came up with the idea of Alice (had to be a book character)
So combined with some things she had, some white fabric from the stash, a pyjama cord and a lanyard, we have a costume!
Don't look too closely as I sewed the wrong side of the skirt to the apron top, meaning the seams are on the outside. Frankly, it was too late to care!
and in breaking health darling daughter, The Teen, does indeed have the dreaded Glandular Fever

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  1. SHe looks PERFECT ( and gorgeous too)
    You've done a brilliant job Laurel. xo

  2. fantastic job at late notice!
    {not good news on the teen though, sending good vibes for good health}

  3. doesn't she look great, nice job! Not great news about the glandular fever, poor girl. It must be a relief to finally know now, I hope your teen makes a steady recovery x

  4. What a perfect little apron (seams, pah!) and a gorgeous Alice. Sorry to hear about the dreaded GF... It's a bit if a shocker.

  5. lovely apron, i'm sure no one noticed the reversed top part. surely it was supposed to be like that anyhow! right? right.

    having experienced glandular fever as a teen i'm sending my sympathy both your way and your daughters. i'm sure i wasn't very fun to parent during my bout. tired, achey, tired, grumpy, bored, tired, tired of being tired, sick of my bed, tired... hope your teen recovers quickly

  6. Beautiful! Your daughter looks wonderful - a real Alice :-)

  7. Noce job on the apron. I had to make something similar for Dorathy from Oz, for my eldest. So much fun when your under the pump. Not.

  8. Shes late shes late for a very important date

  9. She looks so perfect! The apron is so sweet that no one will notice the seams. Oh no about the teen, GF is not fun...

  10. wow, great work, that is a great outfit!

  11. The apron is just right and the ballerina looks lovely. Aren't you glad she didn't choose The Red Queen or something more complicated. So sorry about the teen, she must be feeling dreadful. Hope she feels better soon. She's in good company, I recall Darrel Somers had it when he was a teenager.

  12. No mistake!!! It's called "deconstructed" all the rage. I have to admit it is rather fun to to be just a bit naughty and show the raw edges! :) Be careful it can be quite addicting once you get a bit of the rebel taste of freedom!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.


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