Thursday, July 11, 2013

Round and Round - A Quick Recycled Project

 Here is a simple, quick and crafty idea using a crochet tutorial and a few bits of found stuff. 
1. Take one new scarf - well actually just the plastic ring that is hung up on in the shop. Only do this if you were going to buy the scarf anyway. If the shop assistant attempts to take it off, smile sweetly and ask if you can keep it. Otherwise plastic bracelets raided from your child's collection, or bought for next to nothing at op-shops are perfect.
2. Follow  this tutorial on Lola Nova's lovely blog to crochet a cute little frame using some scraps of left over yarn. It's pretty easy and won't take very long. There are LOTS of pics to help you along the way. (I may have discovered when making my second one, that I just may have misread the pattern slightly when making the first one!)
3. Eat something that comes in a box that you perhaps find lurking at the back of your pantry. Avoid stale breakfast cereal, however. Keep the box, and tear off one side. Or, just raid your recycling bin for a bit of light cardboard.

4. Collect a piece of paper that looks interesting. For the orange one, I have used a  bag that had a  macaroon inside, from a well known cafe chain. The grey one also uses a paper bag that contained a surprise from the Lark sale. The insides of envelopes are also perfect. It's amazing what you can find in your junk mail too. 
 5. Cut the ribbon from inside a piece of clothing. I actually keep a jar of these ribbons, they come in very handy for present wrapping, crafting and hair ornaments. Does anyone actually hang their clothes by those ribbons anyway?

6.  Layer your pretty paper with the light card, to make a sandwich. Use a glue stick to adhere the layers together. Trace a circle from your completed frame onto the paper (on the back), and cut out a few millimetres from your  drawn line.

N.B. Use your ring/bangle to trace the circle before you actually do the crochet part if you are super-dooper organised.
7. Decorate your frame anyway you like. Use paper tapes, words cut from junk mail or magazines or put your labeller to good use. You are only limited by your imagination! Use the glue stick or tape to attach your decorated paper circle to the back of the crocheted frame.

8. Find a place to hang your work where you can admire it.Pat yourself on the back for being so resourceful and crafty!


  1. That is so AWESOME! and such a lovely encouraging post! I love the way you've written - lovely! It makes me want to go eat some chocolate (cos chocolate comes in cardboard boxes) and rummage through my recycling!

  2. these are cool ... love it :)

    1. Thaks so much. You have to love a cheap and cheerful project.

  3. What a great recycling project. I have a little bag with all the ribbons I have cut out of clothes.

  4. What a very resourceful and cute wee project! Very cleverly done! And thanks for linking up, great to have you play along!

  5. These are quite addictive to make eh? Although I still haven't filled my frames - they have sat on the wall empty for around a year (aherm.) Love the washi tape/ old school labeller combo - very cool


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