Monday, July 1, 2013

A Collection of Sorts


A little collection of things that are making me happy

  1. A Nanna made trivet. Nanna may be long gone, but her memories live on every day.
  2. Treasures released from the confines of packaging materials.
  3. The first solo batch of cookies. 
  4. A full cookie jar, even if only for a while.
  5. Pastel tarts for afternoon tea.
  6. Popping up all over blog land, but I do love the idea of turning this into a herb planter.
  7. This crazy girl does make me laugh. A lot.
There has been a trip to IKEA, a whole trilogy done and dusted, and the start of a DVD box set. Hooray for holidays. It was indeed a VERY long term. 
And there will be making. That is not up for discussion.

Stills abound over at The Beetle Shack


  1. how gorgeous is that girl! Don't you love the Campbell's soup tins? Gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE that trivet.Both the trivet itself and the fact it's from your nanna. That is so lovely!


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