Monday, June 24, 2013

A Chilly Collection

1.&.2. Comfort food

3. Loving this book so very much

4. 30 degrees is still not enough to heat a home with so many windows and no curtains, as yet. dreading the electricity bill.

5. & 6. A finished cushion with just the right amount of squish

7. A strange combo of apricots, banana and cashews

8. Bunny planter with a snippet of something from the garden

9. & 10. The nook, as it is now known, a reclaimed section of the garage is a freezing place to be for any length of time, blankets are essential for computering.

Playing along with The Beetle Shack


  1. yes squish content is most important! Love those hearts on the cake!

  2. Why don't people knit or crochet cushions more often? I don't think I've ever seen one made of granny squares before, but it feels like someone should have had that idea ages ago. I'd love to see some of your crochet projects on Kollabora, the crafting and DIY community I'm part of. I just moved and am looking for decorating ideas, and your work gives off a lovely offbeat but friendly air.


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