Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Yellow Collection

When looking at my photos from the last week or two, I noticed a lot of yellow around the place.  And, I am so excited about the new stools I have ordered for the kitchen, and there are no prizes for guessing what colour I have chosen. I am finding it VERY difficult to wait the 6-10 weeks required for them to be custom made.
  1. The sweetest little glazed ceramic toadstool (and a shelf up, hooray)
  2. Yummy, yummy vanilla slice, all the way from the Rosedale Bakery
  3. Can you spy a yellow ribbon on Ray's ankle? My old uni pal Rachael and I had way too much fun here.
  4. A challenging walk in the bush.
  5. A stripy new tablecloth, and a  practice run  for some kindergarten craft. (The ugliest thing she has ever seen, according to my oldest daughter)
  6. A little embroidery for an engagement present.
  7. Surprise, surprise - a bowl of lemons.
  8. My new lolly tin (from the Lark sale)
  9. Barley sugar, definitely not mine though. I'm more of a chocolate coated kinda girl.
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  1. I especially love that wee mushroom . Bought some awesome greeny yellow fabric last week. Maybe winter makes us lean towards sunny colours?


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