Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Happy Collection

Things that are making me happy

1 Winning the entire set of Motex Tapes from Lark's Pinterest Competition. They have come in very handy in my present situation!

2-5 Mail from a beautiful part of the World, as part of the 4 Happy Things Swap

6-7 Pretty things for my new kitchen (it appears that the tiles are here to stay at least for the time being, so these will hopefully detract attention from them)

8 Saying goodbye to these  handles in my old kitchen - they have this amazing knack of always catching my pockets as I go past. The new handles will be simple and catch-free.

9-10 Lots of packed boxes and empty cupboards

11 A new home for this little fellow.
The Beetle Shack     Stills Collection


  1. Lots of happy things for sure. xxx

  2. LOVE those owls, especially that plate (such a pretty colour).

  3. Oh wow how cool winning all of the pretty tape, congratulations. Enjoy your having a new kitchen:)


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