Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Kitchen Is Go!

The kitchen remodel is now in full swing. There is definitely no turning back now, despite fears about having everything ready in time. The  pipe in the dishwasher cupboard has been removed and re-routed, the new light coloured bench tops ordered, and all of the old appliances removed. The new ones are all ready to be installed.

Unfortunately, my beautiful big beloved side by side fridge and freezer is not going to fit. No way, no how. So now the hunt is on for one that will fit in a quite small cavity, but still meet our requirements. Many are way too tall, most are too wide. Time is running out very fast. I thought I had decided on one, but all of the online reviews that I read stated that it was VERY noisy, which would not be great in the small open plan space that we are dealing with. I'm not so sure that reading these reviews are particularly helpful, nor a good use of my limited time!

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