Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Creative Space

  It appears that my creative space of late is all about the crochet.
Can you guess what I am making?
I had some fun with felting, and I must say that I am pretty pleased that I have created a pattern that ressembles the image I had in my head!
Meanwhile, the neon pop hexie is continuing to grow, but there is a problem on the horizon, I am beginning to run out of the white cotton yarn from my stash. A bit of research, has revealed that it is discontinued. Oh dear!


  1. Beautiful work crocheting! I'm just starting to learn - hope I can make something like this one day!

  2. Isn't felting fun! But I've yet to make anything with wool I've felted. Hope you manage to find some more white yarn too..

  3. Ooh loving the neon! It's so disappointing when basics are discontinued, I hope you can find something the same. And always exciting when things work out just as you pictured in your head..x

  4. Thankyou everyone for the hexi love! I haven't been out in search of white yarn yet, but I have used up all that I had!


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