Tuesday, February 19, 2013


My beautiful girl turned 15 yesterday.
Dear Charlotte Ruby: Once upon-a-time, not really that long ago, you were a tiny, shy little girl. So stubborn and quiet, only speaking  when you really had to. Your bounced around the place and we called you "Tiny" and "Bumpy Dog" You ate white bread, corn and 'nuggies' and you were particular about what you wanted to wear.  Your determination has challenged at times, but you never dwell on things and are so aware of the needs and feelings of others.
I love to see your smile and hear you sing, and see you dancing around, you never walk when you can dance. You have your own unique sense of style.
You are loved by all that know you, for your cheekiness, your warmth and your caring nature. You are so helpful and thoughtful, and lots of fun to be around. You barely complain, but you do worry about things, until you can talk them through. You try lots of new things now and are learning how to manage your time and tasks. You like to cook and learn Japanese, and are loving teaching the little ones at dancing.
You are growing up to be confident, interesting and funny. You are a good listener, a loyal friend, a caring and loving daughter and sister.  You see things from your own unique view, ask the craziest questions and are keen to learn about the World. I am so proud of you, and wish you luck in your endeavours to get a part-time job, and hope that all of your dreams, including your dancing ones come true xx


  1. Wow, fifteen! Happy Birthday to your lovely girl & what a beautiful post by her mum..x

  2. Happy Birthday! I am a blog-less crafting Japanese teacher with website. If Miss Charlotte is interested the site is http://stmarysjapanese.wikispaces.com


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