Monday, February 18, 2013

Neon Pop


I finally made it to Spotlight yesterday to get my neon pink yarn. And seeing as I could not resist the yellow, I got that too!
 What do you think about the pop of neon? Is it too OTT? Will I regret it in the morning?


 Neon is all over the place, including pinterest.

 Don't forget to play along with Miss Prudence's: Pin The Pin, Now Make The Make


  1. I love a pop of neon!
    Love the concept of make the make too.
    I owe you an email Laurel.
    Thanks for your gorgeous one. xx

  2. I love a hint of neon. It's so fun and cheerful, you definitely won't regret it in the morning!
    Happy days to you. Melinda x
    P.S. I've shared my Grandma's marshmallow recipe on my blog today just for you x


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