Friday, February 22, 2013

Not Stopping

This is the view from my front door, on one of those hot, overcast days.
What can you spy? A lovely, expansive park? Trees? Space?

All that anyone can see, and hear for that matter is trains. Apparently the proximity to the train line is making our home hard to sell.
We actually like the sound of the passing trains. We are between two stations, so the trains pass by in a flash. Except for the freight trains, that come twice a day and are a bit noiser and much longer, that is.

“Time goes faster the more hollow it is. Lives with no meaning go straight past you, like trains that don’t stop at your station.”
Carlos Ruiz Zafón The Shadow of the Wind

We are searching for meaning. To live a simpler life. A life with less stuff and less expense and less debt, it is just proving a little more difficult, for now.
Do you, or would you live anywhere near a train line?


  1. My brother and sister in law live in Clifton Hill, just a little way down from Clifton Hill station in Hoddle Street, so a really busy station. It's also an interchange station and I think 2 or 3 lines go through there. Honestly though, it doesn't go through the night and they probably only pass the back fence for, gosh about 30 seconds, and then it's gone. It wouldn't worry me.

  2. I grew up living between the train line and the Pacific Hwy and neither bothered me with the sound.
    We are now living a block or so away from the train line and it never disturbs us.


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