Friday, January 28, 2011

On the craft front

I made this pot holder for a friend's birthday using my old ironing board cover (for padding), a cocktail napkin that had been Mum's and some fabric thrifted from here.

I won a pretty give-away at The Clip Cafe

Mr M is now on the waiting list for surgery for his twisted stomach hernia (up to 3 months) so for now we take each day as it comes. The ripple is mostly what I can manage on the crafty front, but I attempting to finish a dress I started many Creative Spaces ago!


  1. I love the potholder! The fabric is lovely :-) And your ripple MMMMMM LOVELY!

  2. Oh cute pot holder, great gift!! If you ever make cup holder coasters . . . the cutest name for them is 'mug rugs' isn't that sweet?? Enjoy, love Posie

  3. I do love a ripple.
    Hope the surgery is scheduled soon. Poor bloke poor you. xo

  4. I love that potholder & what a great idea to use your old ironing board cover! I do love that ripple blanket too, something about that wavey pattern, gorgeous. I hope your hubby is able to have surgery sooner than later, it sounds very uncomfortable, fingers crossed for him..

  5. What a long time to wait. Hope he gets an upgrade.


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