Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Creative Space

2 rows down and counting! I'm not sure that I got the joining method exactly right, but I am happy with what I have figured out. The ugly duckling is slowing transforming....

Thankyou so much to everyone that commented on my last post. It really helped me to write the words, and share them here. Your words of support made me so glad that I did.
Yesterday was an emotional day. I had a big cry when talking about it with a friend over coffee and then I had a meeting with her classroom teacher. Another teacher has become involved now and it seems that this is helping the situation. We are trying to keep everyone talking about it, because it is not going to go away by itself. Following this, the ballerina and I had a big cuddle and a big talk about feelings and bullies and coping strategies. Big life lessons indeed!

More creative spaces, hopefully less emotional here!


  1. your blanket is looking rather gorgeous! So glad things are starting to improve at least a little xx

  2. Keep keep talking about it Laurel. I feel so much for your beautiful ballerina. Lots and lots of hugs needed indeed ... for her and her mama.
    The blanket is coming along well too... all these life lessons wrapped up in it's progress too.

  3. I'm glad you've had an opportunity to talk about it & get some support from the school. They sure are huge life lessons for somone so young, I hope she is doing well...the transfomation of those lovely colours are looking great too!

  4. I hope that things continue to improve for your ballerina. It is wonderful that you can talk to your daughter about all this and give her big cuddles!

    As for the blanket it looks really good. I am actually just over half way on one myself, but I don't think I am joining properly either. Also my squares are all different sizes- not sure how that happened...! If you have any tips I'm all ears! (Too late for this blanket of mine, but I still like it despite it's dodgeyness. I would like to make another one though)

  5. Firstly, your blanket looks wonderful! And secondly (and more importantly) your little one is lucky to have such an honest and communicative parent. All will turn out positively I'm sure, all because she has a family who love her...and tell her that! Pat yourself on the back're growing a beautiful person there :)

  6. Lots of hugs and talks are an excellent idea, on both sides I'm sure. I've been thinking alot about you and your ballerina, and sending you lots of love and thoughts.
    the blanket is looking divine by the way xo

  7. Glad that you had the opportunity to speak to the ballerinas teachers and some positives came out of it....keep talking to them and the ballerina (and us) cos unfortunately we all seem to go through it at some stage and sometimes just putting it into words helps...and we all feel for both of you....positive attitude is something that NO ONE can take away from your ballerina, and with that will come confidence, friendships and better times I'm sure...
    hugs to you both,

  8. You made me miss my colorful blanket! Yours is coming out really pretty!

  9. i think your blanket is coming fabulously
    and hugs to you and the ballerina ~ i was only talking yesterday to a mum whose daughter was also having problems at school, it's tough time.

  10. The blanket is looking fabulous.

    As for the ballerina...hope that things improve soon. x

  11. Oh Miss Muggins, so sorry to hear of your daughter's trials at school.... and your too of course as it will be as hard for you being that you love her so...
    I was bullied badly in 7th form in school by a group of my friends who decided not to be my friends anymore (even at the ripe old age of 17!) and boy does it suck.....
    That combined with other things led to a bout of depression which would not quit (7 years) so I totally "get" where she is at right now, even though it was 13 years ago!... hopefully your beautiful (and boy is she beautiful) girl is resilient and copes with this well... surely there would be some support groups for bully victims around these days where she can make some friends with different value systems?
    Good luck and my positive thoughts are with you,
    cookies looks DELISH
    Love from Alice and Raymond XX


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