Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Creative Space

Today I am actually home for a creative space day - hooray for school holidays!

I have so many things to do, not all of them creatively inspiring.

I will be playing with gorgeous tablecloths that my co-worker Jenny gave me. They had belonged to her elderly Cousin Vi, who passed away last year. I am getting closer to knowing how I want my tablecloth cushions to look. The new options have thrown me a bit! (the photo only shows the ones I have actually ironed)

I will be making chocolate truffles for Easter gifts. Filled with cashews and cherry and chocolate. Covered with chocolate too. I will be trying not to eat them.

I will making a start on my give-away bear. I have just discovered that my new copier cannot enlarge 200%. Grrrr I will be up to my neck in all manner of STUFF!

I will be continuing to price goodies for the garage sale, which is next Saturday. The girls can keep the proceeds from the toys and games that they long as they help that is. The ballerina's been at it for hours already...the teen is still sleeping!
Oh and I will be working on my pincushion too!

Hope you are having a creative day too. Check out more spaces at Kootoyoo.


  1. you are so busy ... and such good busyness. i can't wait to see your tablecloth cushions ... the fabric you've got will look great.

  2. Your tablecloths are lovely, I bet they'll make gorgeous cushions. Those truffles sound divine...

  3. I see alot of potential in those tableclothes, what a lovely addition to a stash.

  4. Yikes... good luck with all of that.

    Dying of tablecloth envy. And easter truffle envy! Have eaten own weigh in Dairy Milk the last 24hrs though so I think I'll be off the choc for a bit.

  5. That tablecoth is going to make one gorgeous cushion. Sounds like a fun time at your place. My girls would LOVE your garage sale. X

  6. Your tablecloths are going to make some beautiful cushions.

  7. love the tablecloth fabrics. so vintage cool! xo m.

  8. Um did you say you were on "holiday"? You'll need to go back to work to relax after all that!

    (p.s we just read Milly Molly Mandy before bed ;)

  9. Wow - lots in your space! the tablecloths are brill - what a great gift.


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