Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Fashion Show

relaxed knit hoodie

school uniform

lace top and cuffed shorts

apple print sun dress

lace top with belt and gathered skirt

......starring the one and only Lulu Sky.

All garments have been made by me over the last few days. The ballerina designed the lace top and shorts and "ordered" the school skirt. All of been made from offcuts and repurposed items, including a denim cushion I made about 20 years ago! The belt is a cat collar from reverse garbage. The ballerina had some fun posing the doll and walking the cat walk to tunes on her IPOD, with her toys watching on!

What ever am I going to do when the Knitted babe book is due back at the library next week. I have had it since, dare I admit it.... October. I have been returning, reborrowing, returning etc. I think I need to buy my own copy!


  1. Wow! It's finished.
    Such a nice touch, it's so lovely.

    I also have my heart in craft book, I always borrow from library and when it's so hard to have myself leaving that book then I'll ask my friend to scan and save it in my pen drive.

    But of course if I could found an copy of them out in the book store, I'll buy it instantly. ^^

  2. Well, Lulu is one well dressed doll!
    Her wardrobe selection is larger than mine !

  3. the outfits are adorbale, it's wonderful you made the knitted babe without buying the book! I bought the book a couple of years ago with that intention and I STILL haven't made her!!!

  4. She's so cute ... and better dressed than I am ... LOL

  5. Oh she is so cute! And, I love the blue sweater too. :)


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