Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Place and Yours-What I'm reading

Where shall I begin?

These books (and Thaw) have found their way into the Good Room! These have found a place on the coffee table, even though some are only on loan from the library. (Must check when they are due back)

These are currently residing on my bedside table. Diverse?

Many people ask me if I am planning on opening a library. What can I say....I love books!

I have a massive bookcase full of books and magazines. I studied Literature in Highschool and Uni and have kept all my novels. I have poetry, all the classic horror stories, John Irving, Steinbeck, Anne Tyler and a ton of Shakespeare to say the very least.

Thanks to Vic for taking on theMy Place and Yours mantle! Check it out at Punky and Me.


  1. i'm with can never have too many books..and i could never bear to throw any out either!

  2. here, here. Never too many books. Although I must admit I frequent the library more regularly than the bookshop.

  3. I am a bookaholic too. All my life I have loved books and have to have at least three next to my bed. I like the way books are all over your house and the way they are a big part of your life. All the worlds and places we can travel with books, all the thoughts, ideas, people, values, adventures, mysteries that lie in the pages of books...amazing! xo

  4. I've actually been to homes that don't have books! Can you imagine it? This week, from two separate books, one on knitting, the other on dressing dolls, I've learned two useful techniques. Life would be pretty straight without books, somehow a lap-top on a coffee table just doesn't do it for me.

  5. oooh the crafty minx. is it a good one?

  6. Hi my name is Mel and I'm a book-a-holic too! Wow you're local library has some good stuff! Mine has a few knitting books and that's it. C'mon people get with the times I say! And then I just go and buy the book I want - *gulp*!

    Crafty Minx is a lovely read as well as having some great ideas isn't it?

  7. I am in need of a new bookcase to house the books that are now over flowing from the other two bookcases we have. My sister is a major book collector, also studying literature at uni she has more books than some bookstores I am sure. But they are all like old friends aren't they? I find it hard to get rid of anything less than the worst books I have picked up! :)

  8. Noice, I loooooooove all your books, and the fact that you have a "good room" ;).

    I wish I had thought to take pics of my crafty books on the go too!

    Thank you for playing, it is great seeing what everybody is reading, or pretending to read, or propping up the table with...!

  9. Hah! You're no different to the rest of us Laurel! Books coming out of our ears.......well most of us anyhoo!
    You have some nice choices there, and I had a library pile just like that last week! :)

  10. I love how you've got a good room, and all your books look lovely.
    Is that Dolls and Toys an old one?


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