Monday, January 25, 2010

Crafty stuff

a little monster made from my childhood sheet

Tutorial here

A question - should I do the shell edging or not?

A secret something for someone special

My crafty time is running out....I start my new job on Thursday!


  1. i love you little monster - sheet-made goodness. and even better that you still have your childhood sheet to make stuff out of!

    and i think i'd go with the shell edging. it just expands out that last red line.

  2. i got gifted the exact same sheet - spooky! There are bits of it in Poppy's picninc quilt

  3. All the very best in your new job , don't forget us little people .

  4. 1) I LOVE the little monster! Was it hard to cut into that special sheet?
    2) I would give the edging a miss. I don't think it needs it.
    3) That mushroom(?) looks divine. Please show us more.

  5. Lovely work. Good luck with the new job!

  6. Lots of crafty fun here! Best of luck at work on Thursday!

  7. what a special monster from your childhood sheet! as for the cushion edge i think i like it without, the colours are bold and work well on their own. but then i am very indecisive and have changed my mind while typing this ;)
    all the best starting your new job. im wondering if this was the one you wore a certain brooch too... either way a big congrats from me!!

  8. Good Luck with the new job! as for the pillow, I'd go for the edging!

  9. I love the idea of you making that little monster from your childhood sheet - so neat! (I personally like the shelf edging!) :)


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