Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blogtobering Along

I love this string bag that my Mum bought me. It is my fave shade of green. Also the shade of the elusive yarn for my ripple blanket!
I am having some issues with this new doll I am making. Please tell me what you think, or is she a lost cause?


  1. I have a pattern here somewhere for a bag just like that. The colour is so lovely, I do hope you track your yarn down soon.

  2. Definately not a lost cause. I love the facial expression.

  3. She doesn't look like a lost cause. She looks like she has dolly attitude. And I love love love her frock.

  4. The doll is adorable! Ronda

  5. She is not a lost cause! She is gorgeous. She has a sweet and interesting face, a gorgeous dress and long arms for cuddles. What's not to love? :)

  6. That is one gorgeous girl you have there, she doesn't need any other titles. Love the string bag - reminds me of my gran who always carried one.


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