Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Creative Space

I am going to be crocheting in the good room!
Working on more motifs for Crochet Motif Month
Trouble In Paradise

The ripple blanket is proving to be a challenge. I completed one row and then unpulled it because the second row would not work. I redid it, and discovered the same problem. So I fudged the second row to make it work (skip a few here, make two in the same stitch there). It was taking an hour to do a row, with constantly checking the pattern. And then......I realised the error of my ways.... I had misread the instructions for the decrease stitch! What to do, should I undo the rows that are now complete? I know the pattern off by heart now, but I don't fancy undoing 237 stitches and starting over AGAIN. What would you do?

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  1. Oh dear... I gave up crochet as I just didn't get it!

  2. If its not to different, keep going I say!

  3. love the motiffs..And for the ripple..I hate to say it but..redo it..I have been there done that and for the projects I didn't finish correctly I was not happy with it in the end..I think it's totally worth the effort..IMO :)

  4. I reckon I'd rip out...even if nobody else notices - you will.

  5. I don't crochet but I would have to agree with the above. Turn back now while you can.
    And, despite the lack of crocheting, have been enjoying the daily motifs. I am amazed at what can be done with crocheting.

  6. I have undone more crochet than I would care to admit. I just figure you'll always look at the wrong bit and wish you had earlier. I am loving your motif a day, what a great idea. I'm might have to try a few with you.

  7. I'm sorry to say that I'd start again! you will always be unhappy with it otherwise I'm afraid... Good luck! At least you know what the problem is ;) K

  8. Someone once told me that the Armish people put a mistake in on perpose to remind them the world isn't perfect.

  9. The 'good room'. I like it.
    I WOULD tell you to start over. But I'm sure what I would do in your position is dump that project and move onto something. I have low commitment to high-maintenance craft!

  10. Kick something, curse a bit and frog it, I say! Oh, I forgot the deep breath bit...

  11. It would kill me to do it, but I'd rip it out, because it would bother me even more to know it wasn't right. I've done that before, and I get too obsessive-compulsive about it. I feel your pain, though. The motifs look great!

  12. Hmmmm Miss M,

    I tend to disagree sometimes just because, but this time I really don't agree with the rip&redo girls. What Sarah said about the Amish is true. There are also many artists who always work a "boo boo" into their work. They use it as their signature.

    My reason for stay the course (oh god forbid GW Bush must be trying to channel through me!!) Onward, I look at this as a situation you created a perfectly workable solution to. Your created pattern now makes the piece a one of a kind, an original, and you can sign the piece as Pattern created by "Miss Muggins" instead of Jane Jolly's pattern crocheted by "Miss Muggins" I would be proud to have solved the problem and breath a bit of my soul into it, rather then rip it out to coppy perfectly someone elses work!! :)

    But then again I have always been rather a contrary type of girl :)

    In the end you must do what makes you the most comfortable.
    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.


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