Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Crochet Motif Month

A new month should bring with it a new challenge.

I have just completed A Photo a day in August, thanks to Megan and now I'm looking for a new blogging obsession!

I picked up this book at the library yesterday and decided to share some of it's goodness. Working on small crochet motifs is a great way to learn some new skills and use up scraps of wool.

So I propose that I will post 30 motifs for the month along with patterns so if you want to play along and make them you can. Otherwise you can enjoy looking at some of the mere 250 motifs from the book. So leave a comment if you want to play, and if I have enough interest I might get one of those linky things so that everyone can track each other's progress. I will start the ball rolling with scanned pics from the book until I have a chance to make some real ones!

At the end of the month we can share ideas on what to do with the completed motifs. I have some great ideas!
If you need any help with stitches or terminology send me an email and I'll try to assist! littlemissmuggins@gmail.com
Motif 1 Painter's Palette
4 ch, join with a slip stitch.

1st Round: Work 8 dc into ring, sl st to first ds.

2nd Round: 5ch, Ihtr and 3ch, miss dc at base of 5ch, htr into next dc, *3ch, htr into next dc, repeat from* 5 more times, 3ch, sl st to 2nd of 5ch

3rd Round: 1 ch, work, 1dc into each htr and 4dc into each space around, sl st to first dc.

Cast off.


  1. Very cool idea, Im quite new to the hook so I will try and keep up, no promises!

  2. Very cute. I would love to have a try but I'm not sure I'll have the time. I'll pop in to see how you are going though

  3. Great Idea!! I might have to add this to my crochet list this month..fun..:)

  4. Sorry I haven't commented until now...
    Love the motif's...
    fabulous idea as well...
    I'm still stuck on granny cushions at the moment to even have a spare 10mins...So I will be content just looking at all your great ones...


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