Thursday, September 3, 2009

Motif 3 - Crochet Motif Month

Double Crochet Square

Worked with 4 colours.
4ch, join with sl st.

1st round: 5ch (counts as 1tr and 2ch), [3tr into ring, 2ch] 3 times, 2tr into ring, sl st to 3rd of 5ch.

2nd round : 7ch (count as 1 tr and 4ch), *2tr into same space, 1tr into each tr across one side of square ** 2tr into next sp. 4ch; rep from *twice more and from * to ** again, 1 tr into same space as 7ch, sl st to 3rd of 7ch.
3rd round: As 2nd round
4th round: as 2nd round. Cast off.


  1. I'm enjoying checking out your daily motif's - keep it up!!

  2. oh what a lovely idea. if only i could follow patterns...


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