Saturday, June 21, 2014

Good Choice

This is one of my favourite outfits. It's nothing special, I know, but it has memories attached of being thinner and healthier, and  happier with myself. It is an outfit that I aspire to fit back into again. Or should I say intend to fit back into? You see, I am making changes and attempting to make better choices. (Again? I hear you say. Probably still, is more like it)

At my Weight Watchers group the leader, Sandy asked us to recall a special outfit that we had once felt good in. Perhaps a Wedding Gown, or an evening dress. She told us to think of it often, as a way of keeping motivated and strong. Maybe put a photo on the fridge door, or hang up the outfit in a prominent spot in the wardrobe.
I like to think of the jeans that I  bought because I actually liked them, and chose them not because they were the only ones that fitted.

Sandy also suggested taking weekly photos as a way of tracking our progress, to serve as a tangible reminder of our journey. She didn't actually say it quite like that, but that's how I chose to hear it, anyway. So here goes.
This is a selfie I took after a long walk and workout in the park. When I look at it I feel like I am strong and younger and healthier. Exercise is definitely a good choice for me.

I know that food is my biggest hurdle and the thing I find hardest to control. I know that I can exercise, and that it becomes a habit that I look forward to and enjoy. So, for now I am choosing to feel good about that, and let the rest happen in time.

I would love to hear about the good choices you have you been making.


  1. I'm with you on this journey to be a healthier and fitter person...having seen a photo of myself last year (about this time) that I absolutely hated and felt that I really didn't require that spare tyre around the tum. At the end of last year I was celebrating a milestone birthday that I really didn't want to either, I decided that I needed to be fitter, healthier and start making better choices on the food I did just that. I walk every day (well at least out of 7) I joined a bootcamp pilates class which I love and try to make better decisions on what I eat/snack on....small steps to creating a new me....I hope that your journey is as good as mine!

  2. Love your smile!!!

    I was trying to exercise more but fell off the wagon for a bit... It's hard to get out with these short days and a bub that's not sleeping well. Now that the days are getting longer I want to take it up again. I'm going to. Like you exercise makes me feel strong.


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